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Welcome to my first blog post, ever! I hope you find it an interesting read. I wanted to kick off with something that represented what we are all about here at The Indigo House and I think this does the trick! We, and I’m talking the royal ‘we’ here, myself and my wonderful husband Mr H, are firm believers that if we can do something ourselves within the home then we will. Theres a couple of reasons for this, firstly, we don’t have the budget to have it all done for us and secondly, we really enjoy having a go ourselves, there’s always a real sense of achievement when you can say you’ve done it yourself. Admittedly it doesn’t always feel like the best idea when you’re in the midst of these projects, you wonder why you ever started and why you couldn’t just get the professionals in, or why you couldn’t have just bought off the shelf, but honestly if you see it through you can give yourselves a big pat on the back at the end and feel proud in what you’ve achieved!

So with all this in mind when we came to the decision that we were in dire need of a desk and workspace in this house we knew it was going to be a DIY job! I didn’t want a desk that was tucked away in a corner of the back bedroom and I was struggling with the current set up where by we had our computer on the kitchen worktop, possibly the most uncomfortable working position ever! So we decided to allocate one end of the kitchen/dining room as our office space. This way it was easily accessible to everyone, the kids could use it and I could keep an eye on what they were doing!


I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful company called Tiptoe Design who kindly sent me the legs for my desk. Tiptoe make a fabulous range of modern furniture including table legs that enable you to create a desk/dining table/coffee table etc with any flat surface.

If I told you it literally took me 5 minutes to assemble the desk I wouldn’t be exaggerating! The amazing thing about the legs from Tiptoe Design is that they clamp straight on to your desk top meaning you are good to go in no time at all!

They come in a variety of sizes and colours so you can choose to suit your particular project, I went for the dark steel legs.


So with the table legs sorted it was down to us to make the desk top. For this we turned to our favourite material of the moment, the scaffold board! They are cheap to buy and incredibly versatile so perfect for this kind of project. The desk top cost us a little under £20 to make! Mr H sanded the boards, cut them to our preferred size and then fixed them together using dowels and wood glue, I then used Briwax in dark oak to stain and protect the boards. It was a quick and easy job that only took a couple of hours.


So with the desk assembled and ready to go I then decided to do a little revamp on some small cabinets that were tucked away in the loft, I wanted them to look like filing cabinets so these were painted black using Rust-Oleum paint in Carbon, I went for a satin finish. These give us a bit of much-needed storage. Now it was just a case of bringing everything together and dressing the space, queue plants, books, baskets, you know how it goes……!!


So there we have it, a quick workspace revamp which was easy on the bank balance and I think rather easy on the eye!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post, I definitely enjoyed writing it! If you have any questions or comments then please get in touch and I’ll be in contact!

Laura xx


I was very kindly gifted the table legs featured in this post from Tiptoe Design I feel very passionate about only promoting brands that I love.


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