DIY furniture….It’s easier than it looks!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have realised by now that we like to turn our hand to the odd bit of furniture making here, but I’d like to be clear though that when I say furniture making, I mean it in its most simplistic form. We are total amateurs and in no way trained in carpentry, I can best describe it as a ‘lets just give it a go’ kind of attitude! I’m hoping that this sets the tone for my blog post, as in, if we can do it then you most certainly can too!

It all started when we wanted to create some open shelving in our kitchen, we decided that some old scaffold boards that we’d been given would do the job nicely, so we gave them a sand down and then treated them with Briwax in Dark Oak. I ordered some brackets from eBay, and there we had it, some rustic looking shelves which cost us approx £30 in total and took us no time at all to achieve! Yes, it’s that simple!

Our first project using a couple of free scaffold boards

A couple more shelves later and we started to wonder what else we could make out of the scaffold boards. We needed a new coffee table at the time so decided this would be the next project! We’d run out of the free scaffold boards so we sourced some at a local reclamation yard which cost £10 for 2 metre lengths (if you’ve never been to a reclamation yard then I highly recommend it, kid in a candy shop, I’ll say no more!)

We thought we’d test ourselves by going for a round table top, so having no knowledge on how we should be marking and cutting the wood, we laid 4 planks on the floor, attached a pencil to a piece of string and marked out a large circle, It really doesn’t get any more technical than that now does it! My husband cut the wood to size and we treated it again with the Briwax, we then joined the boards with two batons to the underside.

For the legs I knew I wanted to go for Hairpin legs, simple but I think a great design! I sourced these from a company called The Hairpin Leg Co. They have them in a huge range of sizes and finishes, they could be used for so many projects! It’s as simple as screwing these to the underside of the table and its job done!

Our coffee table made from scaffold boards and hairpin legs

So project no. 2 was finished, again, easy on the bank balance, I think we probably spent about £50 on materials, and it took no longer than an afternoon! Oh and if you’re worried that our rather slap dash DIY methods might not stand the test of time, the coffee table is still standing a year on, it’s been put through its paces and it still holding up!

And the projects didn’t end there…here are a few more examples of the items we’ve made using scaffold boards….

A simple bench using the same method as our coffee table
Our shelves in the top right corner are made from scaffold boards and a couple of leather belts to suspend them!
Our desk, made from scaffold boards (see my previous blog post on how we made this desk)

You may feel we’ve become slightly obsessed with the scaffold board and you’d be right! It’s my favourite material to use, cheap to buy, really versatile and hard-wearing, I’m just working out what the next project will be!! If you were thinking of having a go at making some small items of furniture for your home then I hope this may have given you a little inspiration. It really is so simple, I’d recommend anyone give it a whirl. It doesn’t take much time to achieve these projects and lets face it the money saved making it yourself is a bonus!

If you have any questions on anything above then drop me a line. I’d love to see the results of any projects to have a go at so let me know!

Laura xx


  1. Definitely inspired to try this coffee table, I’ve been searching for a round table for ages and not found anything I like. This style fits the bill!

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