Lets Get Organised – Tidying Your Home for Winter!

If truth be told I’m not particularly organised in the home, friends and family may try to tell you different but don’t listen to them! Yes it’s true I run a fairly tight ship when it comes to keeping my home clean and tidy but peel away a layer or two (or open a cupboard door to two) and you will understand what I mean! Things are misplaced/lost on a daily basis here, absolutely no use when you need to leave the house in a hurry and you can’t find your keys/sunglasses/gloves/hats….the list goes on!!

Just don’t open the cupboard doors!!

Keeping a home which houses four people and a cat in a constant state of organisation seem’s like a mammoth task! I admit I’m a bit of a hoarder, I find it hard to throw things away in case one day I’ll need that jar of stones from a beach trip 5 years ago and those 150 carrier bags that I’ve been stuffing in the cupboard since dawn begun! My general attitude when I feel overwhelmed by something is to walk away and unfortunately this is what has happened here. The only problem now is that we are bursting at the seems and i’m not sure where to start!!

I feel like now is the time to take the bull by the horns or rather the under stairs cupboard by the slightly broken handle and get organised!

A vision of calm, but the contents of this cupboard hasn’t seen the light of day for years!

Over the Autumn and Winter months we spend a lot more time in our homes and we need to feel like these spaces we exist in work for us and make us feel happy. It’s all about the Hygge at this time of year, surrounding ourselves with things that we love that make us feel happy and content, so what better time than now to have a good sort out and get organised!

Autumn and Winter is a time to surround ourselves with the things we love in our homes!

So to help me, and hopefully help you get started in the art of organising our homes I’ve enlisted the help of Katrina who runs Spark Joy London  Katrina is a professional organiser and certified KonMari ™ consultant, who is also a homeowner and mother. The KonMari ™ approach to tidying and organising your home was founded by Marie Kondo and is simply based around one fundamental question, does this item ‘spark joy’! Asking yourself this question will lead to a home filled with things you love and cherish.

The lovely Katrina can help us tidy and organise our homes.

I think my normal approach to tidying is to try to tackle a room at a time but the KonMari ™ approach works by doing it category by category. Katrina has very kindly given me her top 5 tips in order to help me kick-start my tidying which I’d like to share –

  1. Organise by category, not location. If you tidy one room or drawer at a time, you will be tidying forever.
  2. Follow the order. The KonMari Method ™ guides you through five categories: clothes; books; papers; komono (miscellaneous items); and sentimental. If you’re tackling clothes, bring every item of clothing you own to one spot (we call this ‘the power of the pile’) before making subcategories of clothing (tops, jeans, dresses, underwear, bras etc.).
  3. Keep the items that ‘spark joy’. KonMari ™ is about surrounding yourselves with items that will add value to your life. You are encouraged to hold each item in your hands and become aware of how your body responds. Success does not depend upon how much you discard; success stems from keeping the items that you love.
  4. Complete your tidying in one set time period. Tidy once and properly; this method is a one-time event with a start and a finish set by you. This allows you to confront your clutter in an effective way, resulting in lasting change.
  5. Use what you have. There’s usually no need to invest in expensive organisational products and ‘solutions’. Most of the storage needed to store your items is already in your home.

So this is my starting point and this is how I’m going to tackle the organisation of my home. I’m going to follow the order of tidying, get rid of all those items that don’t ‘spark joy’, do it once but properly! And i’m not going to spend lots of money on storage which i’m sure I already have here. My plan is to share my success with you so keep your eyes peeled for updates! Similarly, I would love to hear from you in your tidying projects within your homes!

If you would like to know any more about the KonMari ™ approach or would like some more info on tidying and organising within the home then head on over to Katrina’s website Spark Joy London or her Instagram page @spark_joy_london for a whole host more tips and help. Thank you Katrina for contributing to this blog post, you’ve certainly inspired me to finally tackle my home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, I always enjoy writing them, leave me a message. I’d love to know what you think!

Laura xx


  1. Really enjoyed this post. It hit a chord with how I used to live… hidden stuff.
    I have started my KonMari journey and may get on the bandwagon and join you to complete my festival!
    I love seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and look forward to seeing your journey.
    Good luck 💫✨🌟

  2. Great post! I’ve really enjoyed reading it and judging by the photos, I have to say that your home is lovely! Love the clean aesthetic and jungalow vibe. When it comes to Katrina’s approach, it’s so simple, yet amazing. It can be a great way for creating a home where you’ll feel relaxed, inspired and peaceful. Thank you for sharing this! Looking forward to seeing how everything will turn out to be.

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