Bedroom Revamp with B&Q

I’d been thinking for a while that I wanted to have a change-up in our bedroom, If you’ve seen my bedroom shots pop up on my Instagram feed you will know that the main attraction in the room was the dark blue wall, now don’t get me wrong I love my blue wall, it’s one of my absolute favourite paint colours (Farrow & Ball Hague Blue) but the room as a whole never felt quite finished. The other issue, and you may be able to sympathise with me here is that I am not, repeat, not a morning person! I struggle, especially at this time of year with the dark mornings, so the blue wall was definitely not inspiring me to get up and go every day, in fact it made me want to cosy up and go back to sleep! So the theme for the room swiftly became lighter and brighter!!

The before, my favourite blue colour but just not helping me want to get up in the morning!

When the opportunity arose to work with B&Q on the revamp it was instantly a match made in heaven! I don’t know about you but I think I can safely say that we visit our local B&Q store on a regular basis, I’m talking once a week, with maybe a week off for Christmas! It’s the one stop shop for everything DIY, where else can you pop in for a piece of sandpaper and come out with a new kitchen, a rug for the lounge, seven paint tester pots and an army of new plants, not to mention the power tools, but that’s Mr H’s remit!

The other major bonus is that B&Q stock the full range of Farrow & Ball paint, along with the 9 new fabulous colours, I knew instantly that one of these new colours was just what I had been looking for! I needed to get some advice however on the prepping of the room etc so I spoke my local B&Q store paint expert Frank. Frank patrols those paint isles in a military fashion, what Frank doesn’t know about paint quite frankly isn’t worth knowing!! I’m sure every B&Q store has a Frank!

I was taken through the full range of Farrow & Ball Paints, along with all the finishes and how I should be using them, Frank then advised me on exactly what accessories I should be using, paintbrushes, rollers etc. My trolley was loaded and I was good to go! Another satisfied B&Q customer!


Stocking up on all the equipment needed!

So now on to the room itself. I’d been in planning for a while and decided that I wanted to add a panelled wall behind the bed as a focal point as well as a bit of texture, all the wood panelling along with fixings were easily found at B&Q. Mr H was in charge of this stage so he built the frame-work using battens on which the panelling was fixed and then set some new wiring for our lights behind the panelling, he’s really quite useful!!

Because we had untreated wood now installed there were a few things that had to be done before we could paint. Firstly I used Colron knotting solution to seal and stabilise all the resinous knots in the wood. Then I used a wood primer to prep the wood, again all these items were picked up easily at B&Q.

Now on to the painting of the wood! I had gone for Farrow & Ball School House White on the panelling and for the walls, this is one of the lightest colours in their range and is reminiscent of the colour used on old school houses. It’s a lovely soft white so I thought perfect for lightening up the room whilst keeping it warm and cosy.

My choice of colour Farrow & Ball School House White

The idea initially was to use the same colour on the panelling and all the walls but we decided mid project (on Mr H’s request!) that we used a darker colour above the panelling, we therefore went for another of our favourite Farrow & Ball shades, Railings, we just couldn’t leave the dark behind! This provided a real contrast to the School House White and I also knew that the artwork I was planning for this wall would pop against the dark background, I will let Mr H take the credit for that decision!!

I love the dark of the wall painted in Farrow & Ball Railings against the School House White.

The rest of the walls and our built-in wardrobes were painted in Farrow & Ball School House White. We used the Estate Emulsion on the walls which gives a lovely chalky matt finish and the Estate Eggshell on all the woodwork which is recommended as slightly more durable. The paint is a dream to use, minimal splatter, which is great for me as I always forget to cover everything in dust sheets and very easily applied with great coverage. It’s low odour too so doesn’t feel too intrusive and it’s child friendly which is a bonus as I could rope my son in to help!

Getting a little help from my boy!

All that was left to do once the decorating was done was to dress and style the room, I love this part! I wanted the room to have a rustic feel with lots of natural elements so I introduced some wood which always warms a room, and then some branches and foliage. Old books and plants along with some baskets carry on adding warmth and texture to the room, and then not forgetting the cushions and throws!

The whole project was a dream from beginning to end thanks to the excellent help and advice I received from Frank, my local B&Q expert! I’m totally in love with the results and now just waiting for that spring in my step every morning to happen…..!!

The finished bedroom, I couldn’t be happier with the results!


The finished room, I couldn’t be happier with the results!


I’ve added a shopping list below for easy access to all the products mentioned above. I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, would love to hear your thoughts, leave me a message and let me know!

Laura xx

This post was sponsored by B&Q and Farrow & Ball, I would only ever work with brands that I truly love.


Shopping List

Knotting Solution – Colron

Primer – Colours White Wood Primer

Large Roller Sleeve and handle – Harris Icon

Small Roller & Sleeve – Diall

Paint Brush – Harris for all paints and varnishes

Frogtape Multi-Surface

Disposable paint tray insert

Wood Panelling

Wood battens for framework


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