Projects to keep me busy in 2019

I will admit that I’ve had a bit of a slow start to 2019, not because Christmas and New Year were exhausting and I needed to recoup, in fact Christmas and New Year were quite relaxing compared to normal which was lovely, but I did that thing that I know I should never do, I stopped! And by that I mean, I stopped working, I stopped running round like a mad thing, I stopped manically tidying the house, I pretty much stopped everything other than eating lots of food and drinking lots of drink! It was glorious, but we all know what happens, it’s very hard to get going again! The laziness takes over! Anyway it may nearly be February ( January should be for hibernating in my opinion anyway!) but I’m emerging from the New Year fog and raring to go!

I posted on my Instagram the other day that my head was currently spinning with interior projects I have in mind for this year, there’s at least three projects whirling around up there at the moment! It drives everyone mad that I can’t just focus on one at a time, but I literally can’t!!



My head spinning Instagram post that inspired this blog!

I thought rather than keeping these plans to myself I would share with you all, this makes it all the more likely that these so-called plans will come to fruition (this blog post is as much for me as it is for you!)



So first off is the bathroom revamp! Our bathroom is quite frankly disgusting, to me it looks like someone has had a rather unfortunate accident with pastel colours and they’ve  ended up firing them at the walls in a plethora of sickening shades. It been on the cards since we moved in but being one of the most expensive projects we’ve been holding off. A leak from the shower just after New Year that ended up coming through to the lounge had put pay to that and project bathroom is on! It’s a small bathroom so we’ve really got to maximise space. We will be removing the current water tank and installing a combi-bolier, this will enable us to open the room up a little more.

In my mind it will be a mix of light tiles and dark walls, a few rustic touches from our favourite, the humble scaffold board, this will help to warm up the room. Some brushed metallics in the form of the taps etc and of course no bathroom could be without a bit of green, I’m sure a hanging plant or two will make an appearance!

Of course Instagram is a great place for inspiration so I’d like to share with you some beautiful bathroom I will be taking inspiration from.

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 11.24.40
I love the horizontal wall tiles and the vintage basin unit sitting beautifully in the home of our_edwardian_home
screenshot 2019-01-23 at 11.21.48
The dark walls and rustic touches make this such a relaxing space, one of my favourite bathrooms from malmo_and_moss


screenshot 2019-01-23 at 11.23.23
A beautiful crisp, fresh space with the added green fromthe_house_that_jen_built
I love the boho vibes and all the plants in this beautiful bathroom from theresagromski

Second, and this may be a rather controversial decision, but I’m thinking of repainting our kitchen and by that I mean the blue is going! I say controversial and this is because the Farrow & Ball Hague Blue gets me the most love and the most questions on my Instagram account so I could be shooting myself in the foot here!!


This is the current colour of our dining area and whilst I love it (my heart will always be with the dark blues!), it’s just never felt quite right or quite finished! So the plan is to go lighter and brighter in here! I love all the natural handmade elements in our home, the wood, the plants, the glass and the ceramics and this is what I would like to focus on a little more!

I think the inspiration for this colour change comes from our bedroom which we re-decorated last November, we went from predominantly dark walls to light and it’s amazing the difference it’s made, the space feels so much more uplifting which is exactly the feeling I want to create in the kitchen.

Our recent re-decoration of the master bedroom. Adding the lighter touches makes the room a really calming space to be!

So here’s a little mood board showing the direction in which I would like to kitchen to go in. In an ideal world I’d want to change the dining table and quite possibly the chairs but we’ve not had ours that long so unfortunately the budget doesn’t allow for this!

And then finally, along with the change-up of the wall colour we will hopefully be replacing the flooring in the kitchen. It’s currently a black laminate tile which has always been a bit Marmite, some people like it, some don’t, I’m in the latter camp! So budget dependant we will replacing this with wood flooring, this is something I’m very excited about! A Herringbone floor is the dream as far as i’m concerned but again it comes back to the budget (and if Mr H authorises this out of control spending!) so if not Herringbone then the traditional boards! I’m also rather intrigued by the floor transitioning I’ve been seeing a lot of but I think I may be pushing my luck there, that is likely to blow Mr H’s mind completely!

So there we have it, the top three jobs to keep me (us!) busy into 2019. There are plenty more ideas and projects whirring around and will no doubt be added to the list in due course, but these are the top of the list, for now!

I’d love to know what you think, especially the kitchen re-paint!! Or do you have any projects lined up in 2019 that you’d like to share? I always like hearing what everyone will be up to!!


Laura xx



  1. Great post, and thank you for sharing your 2019 projects. I hope you get that floor you want:)

    I’ve just redecorated our kitchen/diner. In an ideal world I want an extension and beautiful new kitchen as I really don’t like ours (never changed it since we moved in), but with a second baby due anytime I had to compromise and go with a refresh.
    So I went from brilliant white (cheap paint from previous owner) to grey walls and a blue chimney breast. My lounge is a calming grey with pastel shades so bold colour is not my comfort zone. But I thought, why not. If I don’t like it I can just repaint it. But I love it! Although I’m still in the process of pulling the room together.So I’m looking forward to completing the room 🙂

    Our next project for 2019 is to redecorate the hall stairs and landing. Again, like the kitchen it’s brilliant white. This work starts in May. I’m thinking Pavilion Grey at the moment, but we shall see.The room takes a regular battering so any suggestions welcome 😀.

    I would also love to redo our bathroom, but it’s an all white suite that looks clean & fresh and there really isn’t anything wrong with it. So right now I can’t justify the spend. But it will get a refresh of paint on the ceiling in May and I’m looking into changing the flooring. I just haven’t told Mr P that yet as he will go mad!

    1. Thanks for having a read! I think sometimes the little refreshes can make a big difference! Good luck with all your projects, I have Pavilion Grey in our living room, it’s a lovely colour, I think it needs a good amount of light though. I always go for the scrubbable mix with my paint, I use Valspar a lot as they can colour match, their scrubbable paint if good in high impact areas! Xx

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