Let’s Get Crafty! – Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

I love a little craft project to keep the creative juices flowing but there seems to be less and less time for these kinds of things at the moment. The decorating seems to take president along with work, home life, you know the score! But there’s something quite therapeutic about sitting quietly and creating!

So with this in mind and with Easter coming up I thought I would take a little time out and get crafting, todays project is naturally dyed Easter eggs! This project involves things that you may well have in your fridge at home and if not can pick up very easily from The supermarket, it really doesn’t take very long and the results are really lovely! Here’s the ‘How To’.

Naturally dyed Easter Eggs using items found in the fridge!


What you will need:

  • Hard boiled eggs (boil for 10-12 mins)
  • Red cabbage
  • Blueberries
  • Beetroot
  • White wine vinegar
  • Glass jars with lids

Using the red cabbage first of all, cut into small pieces and place one cup into a saucepan with two cups of water. Bring to the boil and then turn the heat off, drain and keep the liquid but discard the cabbage. Let sit until cool. The same method applies to the blueberries and the beetroot.

Once cooled poor into a glass jar and add one tablespoon of white wine vinegar. Place the eggs in carefully, close the lid and sit in the fridge. The longer the eggs are in the liquid the more depth the colour will have, I left over night.

Hard boil the eggs for 10-12 minutes, I used a mix of brown and white eggs


Red cabbage and beetroot are ideal to use as natural dyes
Use glass storage jars with clip top lids

Take the eggs out carefully and let them dry, best to give them a bit of space placing them on a flat surface if possible in order for the dye to dry.

The effect you get will differ from one egg to another but they will all be equally as beautiful with a lovely marbled effect.

The finished dyed eggs, each ones takes on its own appearance.

Once the eggs are dry then the real fun stuff can start and that’s the styling, the possibilities are endless but here’s a couple of ways in which I used the eggs to style up my Easter table!



You could go with a simple approach and just add a few eggs to small bowls and dot them around your Easter table, the eggs are so beautiful they do all the talking!


Fill a vase with the eggs and then use branches/blossom/eucalyptus to fill the vase, this can then act as your table centrepiece.


Use one egg for each place setting, wrapped in the napkin to look like bunny ears, it doesn’t get any more Easter than that does it! You could even use label machine to print names to stick to each egg, mine is the  Motex label maker from  Amazon


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Easter craft, do let me know if you have a go, I’d love to see the results!

Have a lovely Easter and thanks for reading!

Laura xx


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