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Small Business Spotlight: Maverick Coffee Co.

I love a good cup of coffee, don’t get me wrong I’m no expert but I just really enjoy sitting down with a good cup, if I ever have 5 minutes peace and quiet its the perfect accompaniment!  If like me you’re rather partial to a good coffee at home the then let me introduce you to Maverick Coffee Company , I think you might like them!!


Maverick Coffee Company is run by sisters Pippa and Natalie, it all started back in 2014 when Pippa used to travel the south of England in her little Piaggio van serving great coffee and creating her brand, fast forward a few years and that same great coffee and years of experience is available to us all online.


Pippa and Natalie are passionate about making that great coffee we associate with professional coffee houses accessible to us all at home. And not only that they want us to have all the right tools and all knowledge in order to do it!

Maverick coffee is bought from professional farmers for a fair and sustainable price and is ground and packed within 7 days ensuring optimum freshness. They offer different blends so you can choose one that is suitable for you, you can also choose your grind size. What’s more they offer a coffee subscription service so once you have chosen the right coffee for you it can be delivered straight to your doorstep, however frequently you want. Fresh coffee to your doorstep, yes please! They have some great gift sets too so if you know a keen coffee connoisseur then this is the perfect gift!

If it’s the perfect kitchenware you are after then look no further, Maverick Coffee Company have everything you need from scandi style mugs and brewers to all the gadgets any coffee lover might ever need!

And if it’s a new coffee machine you need then they can do that too, their coffee machines are a coffee lovers dream and what’s even better is that they will come to your home and train you in how to use your machine, you can play professional barista in your own home and wow your friends until your heart is content! There are different training packages dependant on what you are after.

Barista Training at home!

So wether you’re looking for great coffee and accessories for yourself or wanting to buy the perfect gift for a coffee lover then Maverick Coffee Company have it all covered.


Maverick also have some fab coffee inspired prints!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

(The mug, milk jug and coffee were gifted by Maverick Coffee Company, I would only ever work with businesses and brands I love and think my readers may love too!)


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