Bathroom Planning with B&Q’s New GoodHome Range

If you follow this blog or follow me on Instagram then you will notice that I’ve never shown anything of my bathroom, not even the tiniest snippet! There is good reason for this – it is in no way shape or form suitable for public viewing! When we moved in nearly 3 years ago we were slightly put off by the blue/aqua patterned tiles and the subtle attempt to match the paint to these tiles, we were definitely not fans of the lino floor that had seen better days and the shower curtain was eyeing me up the second I walked in the room! But, it was functional and we knew we could do something with it in time,  so it didn’t go to the top of the to-do list!

Fast forward two and a half years and a New Years leak in the bathroom which came flooding through to the living room meant that the rather tired looking but functional bathroom was now a disaster zone, we can currently use the toilet and the sink but that is about it (thankfully we have a shower else where!)

IMG_1050Starting the planning process with my B&Q GoodHome bathroom brochure

So the planning had to spring into action pretty rapidly! I was very happy when B&Q got in contact and asked if they could help with the process, it was obviously a resounding yes! I started by taking a look at the B&Q GoodHome bathroom options, they have everything you need to plan your bathroom space, from great space saving modular furniture to fantastically priced baths, showers and accessories, right through to the paint and lighting, they have it all covered!


There are two factors that are really important to us in the planning of our bathroom, firstly, budget, we know that we need to stick to a tight budget and squeeze as much out of that budget as we can and secondly, space, we have very little of it in the bathroom so we need to pack in as much storage as we can, the B&Q GoodHome range ticks both of these things off the list.


There are great value items from B&Q like the Lazu basin mixer tap. And a great selection of paint colours from their specials GoodHome bathroom paint range

Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 12.05.42

Start planning your bathroom with the B&Q Bathroom Planner

I’ve found the layout of the room quite tricky due to the fact it’s so small;  do I keep it as it is or is there any possibility to move it around, would the space work any better if I was to re-configure it. My little scribbles on paper don’t seem to have helped and in my mind I can’t see it any other way, if only there was some online planning tool which could help me visualise this…..oh wait, there is! Introducing the B&Q Bathroom Planner    the perfect tool to help you plan your perfect bathroom. It can be found via the B&Q website and is so easy to use, simply set the dimensions of your bathroom and then start adding your favourite products to achieve your perfect look.

Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 12.26.19

Once you’ve set your bathroom dimensions you can start adding your perfect products!


You can view your bathroom in 2D and 3D and also take a virtual tour, all of this helps visualise the end resultSo now I’m armed with all the advice and all the tools I need to start the planning process I feel far more confident in getting it right!

The B&Q Bathroom Planner really is such a great tool, wether you’re after a quick update or a full overhaul of your bathroom it really helps to visualise the end result. Bathroom planning has never been so easy, it’s certainly helped me. And with the all B&Q’s GoodHome options available there really is a solution for everyone, from luxurious bathroom to budget bathroom, from larges spaces to small, there’s a beautiful bathroom there for everyone!

Thanks for reading!

Laura x

(This post is In paid partnership with B&Q, I would only ever work with brands that I truly loved)






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