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Our New Shutters with Clement Browne


When we bought our 1960’s house three years ago we didn’t realise quite how large the windows in all the rooms were, I mean, obviously we were aware they were big, but it wasn’t until we needed to find curtains/blinds etc to fit that we realised quite how big they were and how nothing we were looking at was going to fit!

You get an idea of how wide the windows are and how bare they looked before our shutters were installed

So we lived with a few half hearted attempts at dressing them (we’re still living with some of those attempts!) for a fair while. Fast forward three years and I was contacted by Clement Browne ‘The Shutter Company’ asking if they could help me with some shutters for our home, this was the answer I think i’d been looking for!

Shutters has always been on the wish list!

Clement Browne are a UK company who not only supply and fit but manufacture all their products themselves. From the minute you contact them, from your first free quotation through to the fitting of the shutters, you can rest assured that it is Clement Browne you are dealing with, no third party involved!

First of all we met with one of their ‘Masters of Product’ for our free quotation, they took us through all the options, all the variations of shutters, colours, fittings etc. We chose the options we wanted to go for and the measurements were taken. It was a really thorough quotation and everything was really well explained, it was in fact one of the most straight forward quotations I think I’ve ever had!

We opted for the white PVC shutters with stainless steel hinges

Now I have been known to be a little inpatient when it comes to things around the home, once i’ve made my mind up on something I’m not very good at waiting, anyone else??! So I was really happy when I discovered that selected shutters from Clement Browne can be installed within two weeks! That’s two weeks from your initial consultation to the fitting, pretty good! In fact they have the fastest delivery time in the UK.

Each panel can be opened independently, and the top and bottom half louvres can be adjusted separately meaning you can control the light really easily

The fitting of the shutters was done by one of their ‘Masters of Product’ Jack, who was great, they were installed really quickly with no mess and everything was cleaned away afterwards.

We have been living with our shutters for a few months now, I wanted to see how they worked moving from the bright sunshine of summer to the darker days of autumn but I can genuinely say we are over the moon with them. We can control the light coming into the room, making it lighter when the days are darker letting the light stream in, and then when the light is bright in the summer and the kids can’t see the television we can just tilt them to redirect the light. They are very low maintenance too as being PVC they can be wiped down easily.

And they are beautiful, they add so much character to what were slightly uninspiring windows! We have so many lovely comments when people see them, in fact my in-laws loved them so much they now have shutters from Clement Browne installed in their home too.

We are over the moon with the results!


So in my honest opinion I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Clement Browne in fact we have on many occasions already. The customer service was excellent, they were on time for all of the appointments, polite, friendly and respectful of our home, what more can I say!

If you have any questions about anything here then please do give me a shout and i’d be happy to answer.

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

(I was lucky enough to be gifted the shutters. I will only work with brands that I love and would recommend, all opinions are my own)


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