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Bring your walls to life with Green Lili Art

One of the quickest and easiest ways I know of creating a homely, welcoming space that reflects your personality is through art, it’s an age old trick but one of the best I think! Whether you own your home, rent your home, wherever you may be, art can transform your walls instantly. And nowadays art doesn’t have to cost the earth, it’s become a far more accessible, affordable element we can all get our hands on.

It was these two prints prints from Green Lili Art that first grabbed my attention and they are still two of my favourites today. Left – Hanging Flowers Right – Summer Nights

Over a year ago now I saw a print pop up on my Instagram feed and I instantly fell in love, it was from a print company called Green Lili I bought this print! I was then very kindly gifted another print from the same collection which I loved equally as much, these two prints have been on my wall ever since and from there Green Lili has fast became my favourite print company.

Another two of my favourites from Green Lili Floral wall art collection – Flower Line Art – Set of Two

Whether you are looking for something with a botanical vibe, something that reflects your love of travel or something a little more abstract then I guarantee Green Lili has something you will love. You can search the website according to category or room, making it really easy to find what you are looking for. They can also frame your prints with a choice of their eco-friendly wooden frames handmade in the UK.

Something with a boho vibe – Native American Cow Skull print

The possibilities are endless when it comes to hanging artwork, you can go for a full on gallery wall with all of your favourite pieces. My top tip when doing this would be too choose a mix of print sizes and to lay them out before hanging. I use white paper the size of each print and play around with the composition by hanging on the wall using some masking tape, stand back every once in a while to see what works/what doesn’t. Once you’re happy then you can start swapping out the white paper for the prints one by one.

Create a gallery wall with a mix off sizes and frames Clockwise from top left – Native American Cow Skull Bohemian Textile Boho Sun & Moon

Equally a stand alone print or a pair can make just as much impact. My top tip here would be to look at the placement of the furniture/accessories around it, and try to place accordingly, I tend to place so the middle/top third of the print is at eye level.

From left to right – Begonia Maculata Plant Tropical Beach Days

Another top tip for easy hanging of prints is to use the Command Brand picture hanging strips, check the weight for your particular prints but if used according to the instructions they won’t cause any damage to your walls and you’re not having to bang nails in. It also means art can be easily moved around without exposing holes/screws etc.

Using Command Brand picture hanging strips can make putting up and moving around art really quick and easy with no damage to your walls. Left to right – Minimal Pink Abstract Dark Minimalist Abstract The Imperial City Moroccan

And let’s not forget we are rapidly approaching Christmas, what better present (for someone else or yourself!!) than giving a piece of art that you think someone will love. And if you’re wanting a little bit of festive art in your home then Green Lili have some fantastically festive prints this year.

Add a touch of Christmas with festive prints from Green Lili Christmas Wreath

But most of all adding art to your home should be fun, it’s a really personal thing, pick prints that you love, this way they will naturally fall into place and be with you for a long time!

Thank you for reading!

Laura xx

(This is a sponsored post and prints have been gifted, but all opinions are my own and I would only ever represent brands that I truly loved – it also contains affiliate links meaning I earn a very small percentage from anything purchased through this link)



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