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It’s The Year To Make Your Home Your Own!

New year, new ideas, new projects! I’m a sucker for a fresh start and this year I’m feeling really excited about where interiors could lead us in 2020.

A re-paint and the addition on some panelling in the Living Room with our last project of 2019.

Let’s be honest, life is fast paced, we’re all busy all of the time it would seem. There are always so many things on the to-do list and so many distractions taking us away from the to-do list.

So, take a minute to imagine that felling you get when standing in the middle of a forest or woods, that feeling of utter calm and tranquility, well that’s one heck of a feeling, right? I’m sure you all know what I mean! Well I think 2020 may just be the year that we all try a little harder to emulate that feeling in our homes.

flock of birds
That feeling of fresh air, freedom and being surrounded by nature is a powerful feeling and good for the soul.

We need our homes to be our little slice of calm, a place we can relax, escape, find a bit of peace and just be! I think it’s becoming more and more important that our homes can live up to all these demands. We’re taking the Danish word Hygge and ramping it up a notch or two! We want to reconnect with nature and bring those sensations into our homes to feel the benefits, therefore the outside is coming in! Biophilic design is the concept of using natural materials in the design of our spaces in order to connect ourselves with the natural environment. Natural materials – think wood, linen and the all important house plants. Organic colour palettes, handcrafted and artisan items.

Lots of natural texture and layering going on in the beautiful home of Kyla Mcgrath Interiors with earthy tones and a pop of colour on the bed.

We will swap the cooler greys for the warmer tones with the ‘griege’ being the comfortable hallway house. This is not to say we will be sticking to the neutrals – earthy tones such as browns, olive greens, ochre and wine shades will play a part too as will high contrast design and the mixing of pattern on pattern.

Earthy tones, olive green and ochre being used in the home of Sofie ‘ThreeBoysAndAPinkBath to create a truly unique space.

This is year that we take our homes into our own hands and make them as individual as we all are. The trend is, there is no trend…. Ok that might be a slight exaggeration but it’s all about being authentic and individual, filling your homes with things you love rather than on trend items that won’t last the duration. Missing up styles, colours, patterns, combining the old and new to create a style of your own, this in my books, is the best trend and the one I’m most excited about!

 Agi_at_59 home is a wonderful mix of colour and pattern, with old and new pieces complimenting each other. A functional and beautiful family home that Agi has made her own

So with this in mind I think we may all slow down a bit and interiors may become a little less fast paced, I think we are going to make more conscious decisions about what items we place in our homes, where we find those items, what those items mean to us and what those items can offer us. We will continue to recycle, repurpose and DIY our way through our homes but the design must be more than just aesthetics, and actually more focused on functionality, practicality and the emotional benefits, . Budget is irrelevant, loving the items we place in our homes holds far more value than the ticket price. This all leads to a far more sustainable approach to our homes and let’s face it, it’s a mind set we all need to embrace!

Carefully selected items that have meaning and functionality will fill our homes, like this beautiful bookcase in the home of Angie countyroadliving – found at a flea market years ago it has filled many corners of Angie’s home but remains one of her favourites.
Handcrafted items using natural elements like this beautiful handmade wreath from The Cosy Shed bringing the outside in!

So to summarise, be yourself, make your home somewhere you and the people that live there love to be, make it truly individual and most of all enjoy it!

I think this print from Bextraordinary Prints says it perfectly!

Thanks for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear what you think!

Laura xx



  1. Lovely post laura. Definitely with you on all of it, only buy what you love or turn something you already got into something you love. Try to be as sustainable as possible.

  2. Hey Laura, great first post of 2020. Absolutely fab read and your so right! What follow the trend when you should follow your heart and the colours you love. Love Danish Hygge and how they dress a house minimalistic yet comfortable and cozy. #aspirstions xxxx

  3. Loved this Laura. Great post. Wonderful idea of bringing the outside in, of being one with nature in your home, letting it reflect your life. Xx Jp

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