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5 Of The Best: Affordable Gifts For The Home

I thought as we’re just around the corner from Mothers Day I would take the opportunity to put together a little ‘5 Of The Best’ affordable gifts for the home.

This of course is not exclusive to Mothers Day and hopefully will be helpful in giving a few ideas for all sorts of occasions, or maybe just a little self gifting!

I always tend to base these lists on things that I would like to receive (husband will be very much encouraged to read this post!!) so as long as you’re on a similar wavelength to me then this should hopefully be of some use! So here we go:

No. 1: The Vase!

So flowers, they go alongside a lot of occasions don’t they, and once you have the flowers you definitely need something beautiful to display them in!

From The Little House Shop Clockwise from top: Glass Carbuoy Vase @ £28 Handblown Celeste Vase @ £9 Large Glass Vase @ £15 Conical Glass Vase @ £9

Take a look at these handblown vases from ‘The Little House Shop’ they’re individually made so all have their own uniqueness and have a wonderful vintage feel to them. They are really well priced too.

No. 2: Faux Flowers

How about mixing things up and going for some faux flower stems instead. I’m a big fan and there are some really fantastic ones out there which you’d easily mistake for real.

I sometimes like to mix them in with real flowers or use with some real Eucalyptus. The bonus is they’ll last a whole lot longer, so you’ll certainly get your moneys worth!

From Thatch Living Clockwise from top: Faux Magnolia stem @ £21.25 Cafe au Last Dahlia @ £4.45 per stem Hellebore @ £6.75 per stem Autumn Purple Hydrangea @ £10.50 per stem

Take a look at Thatch Living for some wonderful faux blooms, they can be displayed as single stems or as a fuller display for more impact.

No. 3: Artisan Soaps and Lotions

Generally soap and hand/body lotions aren’t something I will treat myself to very often, probably the reason that I LOVE receiving things like this as a gift!

I was lucky enough to be sent some beautiful hand wash & lotion from artisan soap makers Soapsmith a while ago and I’m enjoying them so much. The Soapsmith collections are all based on locations around London, from Whitechapel to Marble Arch, and each one has it’s own distinct fragrance and beautifully designed bottle.

You can choose from the Soapsmith Soaps @ £10, hand & body lotions @ £18 and washes @ £16 which all come in seven London inspired scents. 

No.4: The Mug!

So when you are busy opening all the presents on these special occasions you need to have a good cuppa on the side to get you through the strenuous activity involved (unless the mug is the present and then this scenario doesn’t work at all!!) Either way this is one of my favourites!

 Mojave Glaze mug from Sass & Belle @ £9

Take a look at these beautiful mugs from Sass & Belle they hold a good sized cup of tea which is always a winner in my book (no point having thimble full) and they come in a range of colours.

No.5: Home Fragrance.

There’s nothing nicer than a beautifully smelling home, again home fragrance isn’t something that I tend to buy for myself very often but love receiving as a gift.

I have this diffuser and candle in my home and they smell amazing (you’ll see there’s not much left of the candle now!)

The Metallique Collection Fleur Aquatica collection from Stoneglow Candles candle @ £32

Stoneglow Candles have lots of beautiful fragrances to choose from but I love this one, its quite a fresh scent with a little bit floral in there, they make the house smell beautiful.

So now that your’e sitting in your beautifully smelling home, smelling wonderful yourself, drinking tea from your lovely new mug (which hopefully someone else made for you!), admiring your new flowers in your new vase, I think you should be feeling rather happy with yourself!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading 5 of the best: affordable gifts for the home, and have maybe taken away a little gifting inspiration, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

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