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How To Use Pinterest Mood Boards In Creating Your Dream Kitchen:

Pinterest Mood Board Inspiration With Stoves:

How do you plan an interiors project within your home? Do you like to sketch ideas on paper? Love a good spreadsheet? Or is it all perfectly planned and stored up top!? A great way to start any interior project is with Pinterest mood boards.

I was challenged by Stoves to create a Pinterest mood board that brought together my dream kitchen ideas. With their Richmond Deluxe Range cooker in Dulux’s ‘Colour of the Year’ Brave Ground at its heart.

inspired by Stoves UK Richmond Deluxe Range Cooker in Dulux’s ‘Colour of the Year’ Brave Ground

Why Use Pinterest Mood Boards:

I find there’s so much inspiration out there nowadays. And there’s so many places we can search for it. It can become confusing and overwhelming. Before we know it, we’ve seen so much and have image overload! We just don’t know what we want anymore.

There’s also those occasions when you’ve seen an image you really love but can’t for the life of you remember where you found it!

Use key words within Pinterest to help you search for all the components of your design

Creating Pinterest mood boards for any project will allow you to pull all these images you’ve seen together and really focus and hone in on your design. You will be able to dismiss things that don’t follow this theme whilst keeping those things that do.

Where To Start:

I will always create new Pinterest mood boards for each project I’m starting. Or more general boards for a broader search.

At this point I’ll save anything that catches my eye. You can save images from almost anywhere to your Pinterest by installing their browser button.

My Pinterest page is like a filing system, all your pins can be kept in neatly labelled folders which you can add to as and when.

What To Include:

First of all think about all the elements of your project. For my kitchen mood board I like to think about the basics first. The cabinets, the worktops, walls and tiling, and the flooring.

I’ll then think about the large appliances like the oven, cooker hood, fridge etc. Here I’m using the Stoves UK Richmond Deluxe Range Cooker in Dulux’s ‘Colour of the Year’ Brave Ground as a feature component.

Next I’ll start to think about things like shelving, lighting, the taps, the door handles and plug sockets.

Then the smaller elements. The items that you can style within your kitchen to bring it to life and give it personality.

I just find that looking and searching for items in this order is a methodical way of approaching the project. You can always write a list of the things you want to include and tick them off as you go. It means nothing is missed.

What Is A Pinterest Mood Board Not?:

A mood board is most definitely NOT your final design! It’s not the exact items you are going to include. It’s not the exact paint colour of your cabinets or walls. And it’s not the exact, tap, drawer pull or shelf bracket you are going to be using.

It is purely a way of bringing elements together which will allow you to consider and move towards your final design. It is very simply inspiration!

My Pinterest mood board with Stoves

Now It’s Your Turn!:

How would you like to win a Stoves Colour Boutique Range Cooker and 10L of Dulux Paint?:

In celebration of the Stoves Colour Boutique Collection we are challenging you to put together a Pinterest Mood Board of your own.

We would love to see your individuality and creativity. We’d like you to design your own kitchen design mood board with one of the Stoves Richmond Deluxe Range Cookers in one of the 10 colourways at the heart of your design.

The colours range from the vibrant Chilli Red to the charming Kingfisher blue. There is a colour to suit everyone.

Here’s What to Do:

  • Take a look at Stoves Pinterest page for lots of inspiration.
  • Create your own Kitchen Design board with the Richmond Deluxe Range cooker in one of the 10 boutique colourways at the heart of your design.
  • Share your board with Stoves via Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook.

One winner will be selected after the 8th March. We look forward to seeing all of your Pinterest Mood Boards!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading and as always if you have any comments or questions then pop them below and I’ll get back to you.

Laura xx

*This post is sponsored by Stoves*

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